Culture on Country - Identity

  • Language
  • Food Collection and Weaving
  • Seasons and Stars
  • Kinship and Totems
  • Hunting and Toolmaking
  • Healing, Medicine and Plants
  • Storytelling and Arts
  • Spirituality and Ceremony
  • Caring for Country and Walking the Land

Heal the Trauma

  • Cultural Behaviour Change: Diversion and Recidivism Prevention
  • On Country Cultural Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
  • Traditional Cultural and Contemporary Psychological Facets

Walking in Two Worlds

  • Client focused – tailored
  • Life skills
  • Work skills
  • Literacy

Employment Pathways

Cultural Awareness for Schools, Business and Corporations

Tourism, Events and Cultural Awareness

The Maar Koodjal Logo (Hand in Hand) one white one black around the six seasons is about people of different cultural backgrounds coming together to create an inclusive community we all can live in and raise our families, supporting those in need, establishing a vibrant community lifestyle based on the traditional values of the First Nation People of Nyoongar Boodjar (Country).

The vision for Maar Koodjal is to establish a Nyoongar Cultural Academy with the purpose of providing health and wellbeing, education and training for the Aboriginal and wider community. This will be achieved in line with the maintenance and sharing of Nyoongar heritage, customs, culture, arts and language.

Maar Koodjal values and guiding principles include ecology, equality, reconciliation, spirit and integrity.

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